Custom Titanium Rings that Reveal Your Unique Love Story

Titanium is a commonly used metal for wedding rings, and it is known for its hardness. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, it scores a six. This means it is very resistant to cracking and scratching.

When considering a wedding band, custom titanium rings are a good choice because all standard, off-the-shelf rings resemble each other. Their only differences are their color. That is why I specialize in custom titanium rings.

My name is Cal O’Rourke, and I am a custom jeweler out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My goal is to make wedding ring dreams come true…for men!

It is often the case that wedding rings are more of a woman’s specialty. It starts with the engagement ring, which is primarily about the rock, but it continues as wedding bands, and usually more rocks are added to the mix. Once the wedding day arrives, the bride has two rings soldered together with thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, and the groom has a $199 plain gold band.

Men deserve more choice in their forever rings

A wedding band is a “forever ring,” and unless work situations make it dangerous to wear metal rings, a man should get a say in what he is going to wear day-in and day-out til’ death do its part. I specialize is many types of custom titanium work:

  • inlays
  • finishes
  • engravings
  • bezel and pave settings

Many men don’t know the options available in wedding bands, and they only know the plain standard. In reality, customization options are endless. Engravings can create custom finish effects, or they can depict special images from a groom’s life. Popular options include deer prints and woodland scenery for the outdoorsman. Onyx inlays create an added masculinity to rings, and diamond settings ensure that the ring is of equal value or investment.

Whatever a bride and groom decide among their maybe decisions for the big day, a groom’s wishes about his ring should be considered, and I can make that happen. I can also perform resizing or inlay work from outside materials upon request. Some customers have brought in unique gems and stones that had special meaning in their lives, and I have been able to incorporate that into the jewelry design. Each piece is unique, and represents your union as partners for life.

If you would like a quote and a mock-up of a custom design, please contact me at this link.