More About Metal Rings

Sizing Help

Sizing Your Ring : This page offers multiple ways to measure your finger to get the perfect ring fit, and not all of them require already having a ring.

How Tight Should You Size Your Ring?: Confused about whether or not you should get a ring tighter or looser? This will clear up any sort of questions regarding ring size.

Resizing a Ring : Already have a ring that is too small for you? This will tell you all about getting your ring resized.

Metal Irritants

What Causes Ring Rash : If your skin has always been sensitive to other metals, here’s why!

Remedies For Curing Ring Rash : Nothing is worse than finding out that your wedding ring is giving you a rash. Here are some things to try before replacing your ring.

Titanium Rings

Titanium vs. Other Metals : A little information about how Titanium bands size up compared to other metal bands.

Types of Titanium Rings : For the beginner, this is a little bit about the different types of Titanium Rings.

Titanium Pros & Cons : While there are a lot of pros to owning a titanium wedding band, it is always best to consider the cons before making any big jewelry decisions.


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